paid subscription

Our organization is using free membership to since last few months.
We like the functionality.
So want to upgrade the service.

We are a tech startup from India.Which professional plan will provide user authentication?
Means users should be able to access our app after successfully login.They should be able to create new user account and passwords for themselves.

Is this functionality built in available?If not will we get any guidance?

Also how can we keep track of user activity?
If we want to restrict access to only few devices is it possible to do that with upgraded plan?

We want strict confidentiality & authenticity ?

Also active hours limit can we change?

Please answer all these questions.

Have a look at the pricing section of for answers to most of these questions.

Here's how Authentication and User Management works,

On tracking usage of your shiny app

You should also consider RStudio Connect for your shiny app deployment. You can test it out for 45 days with an eval and quickstart pack.

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