rsconnect library: remove invited user or resend invitation

I am using the rsconnect package to manage the users for our applications. I cannot remove invited users, see when the invitation expires or resend the invitation. How can this be done?

I haven't tried to do this but I would start with these:

Thank you for your answer. No that does not allow me to remove an invited user or to resend the invitation.

I'm not saying you are wrong, as I simply have no time today to see what these functions can achieve, perhaps I will be able to look later...

Are you aware the rsconnect is not the only option to manage this, i.e. that you can remove or resend invitations through the web interface / dashboard of ?

Yes i am aware of the web interface, there you can remove invited users/ resend invitations. We use the rsconnect library because we cannot give all users access to this web interface. We have a small rshiny app which uses the rsconnect library where users can to the usermanagement.