unable to login, unable to signup

I would like to learn shiny. I am unable to login. I get the error "login failed."

I am unable to sign up; I get the error "email in use."

Same result if I change my password.

Any suggestions?

Thank you


did you follow the " Forgot your password?" path?

(1) Tried to login. Failed.
(2) Responded forgot password:
(3) Tried to login in with old password: "Must have new password. Entered new password. Got in. Received shinyapps token. Logged out.
(4) Tried token. Shiny app failed.
(5) Tried to login. Login failed.
(6) Logged in with new email address. Logged out.
(7) Tried to login with new email address. Login failed.

Conclusion: hates me. Looked into AWS for Shinyapps. Became overwhelmed.

I'm glad you have a sense of humour about it :slight_smile:

I hope I'm not being too pedantic, but I feel like something is missing between 2 and 3.
In my experience responding forgot password leads to you being asked for your email.
Then you would respond to the email. Did that occur ? possibly you skipped this to save on narrative, but I'd like to be sure.

I can imagine this would be very frustrating :frowning:
Ideally, we would tackle issue one at a time. so for example if you got a token that failed. What was the failure message , and can we support you on that.
In that final step (7) when your login failed moments after having been succesfully logged in, was there a fail message ?

(1) When I request a new password, I get an email.
(2) I reply to the email link, it prompts me for a new password.
(3) I apply a new password. I am then directed to login again.
(4) When I try to login with the new password, I get the message "Invalid user name or password"

Part II

I cannot use the token i have, I think, because I cannot run deployApp.

When I try to install shinyapps, I get a warning message.

Warning in install.packages :
package ‘shinyapps’ is not available (for R version 3.6.2)


library(rsconnect) rsconnect::deployApp("D:/D_Documents/GitHub-DasRotRad/shiny1/03-myfirstapp-app.R")

ah, perhaps here I can help.
shinyapps is not the name of any relavent package for running your shiny app , nor deploying it to the shinyapps service.
so I'm suggesting that


is not needed (and I would expect it to fail as there is no such repo - as far as I know)
a list of the repos can be found here:✓&q=shiny&type=&language=r

for both library(shiny) and library(rsconnect) commands to run you can install from normal install.packages("shiny") and install.packages("rsconnect")

Thank you for that clarification. I have both shiny package and rsconnect libraries installed. I used my token and the code ran without a hitch. May I ask how can I check to see if my app deployed on I tried and got a 404 message.


ui <- fluidPage("Hello World",
                sliderInput(inputId = "num",
                            label = "Choose a number",
                            value = 25, min = 1, max=100),

server <- function(input, output) {
  output$hist <- renderPlot({hist(rnorm(input$num), main = "Hello World, This is my first Shiny App")

First things first, I think


is how you would prepare to deploy your app, and would be the sort of thing you would key into your console. Recomend not putting any rsconnect related code into your script that you will deploy. In principle it can be a little like setting up a dragon to eat its own tail :slight_smile: if you deploy an app that partially or fully tries to deploy an app...

If you log on to from the front page, there is a console provided which shows your active apps and you can see their status, check their logs, alter their privacy etc.

Have you made use of the Rstudio / Rs Connect integration ? I find it super useful, and it saves me writing rsconnect commands to the console. Its the strange blue symbol next to the green run symbol for your app.

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Thank you so much for the clarification. Now at least I know I can deploy a shiny app. :smile: I guess I will have to have a paid account to resolve the login issue. And thank you for sticking with me to resolve part of my issue with


I just want to say this feature is for both paid and free versions, you certainly don't need to pay to access this feature. Wish you well on your shiny journey

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