unacceptable lag in display of plots

Hello All,

I am seeing a heavy lag in the display of plots in the developed shiny app that uses a large genomic data file as input. The example file is 60000 rows and 25 columns. Alternatively, the user can input a file of similar or larger dimension. The tool will be used to display visual plots, namely boxplots and scatter plots on the calculated on row-wise measures of the dataset (such as variance, interquartile range, etc). I understand that the dataset is quite large in dimension and size 1.6 MB.

A loading bar added that shows the progress. The processing takes about 30 seconds but the plots take over 60 seconds to be rendered on the chrome browser which is unreasonably high. When using Firefox, an unresponsive script issue is seen with a message saying it's causing the browser to slow down.

The tool is available using the web link below,

The log files are attached below:
2018-11-03T00:07:40.658251+00:00 shinyapps[547310]: Warning in origRenderFunc() :
2018-11-03T00:07:40.658253+00:00 shinyapps[547310]: Ignoring explicitly provided widget ID "1054ff54acc"; Shiny doesn't use them
2018-11-03T00:07:41.291999+00:00 shinyapps[547310]: Warning in origRenderFunc() :
2018-11-03T00:07:41.292001+00:00 shinyapps[547310]: Ignoring explicitly provided widget ID "1055141e5fc"; Shiny doesn't use them

Any help in this regard would be helpful to minimize the lag between analysis and display.



can you share some code ? Have a you a repo for this shiny apps ?
Basically, you are asking for optimizing the shiny apps. Without further information to help us help you, it will be complicated.

Regarding shiny performance, you could also see these resources:

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Thanks for your reply. Yes, the shinyapp is available here:

I'll look into the shiny performance links provided.

You might also want to read the articles in the Performance section of the Shiny Dev Center: (there is some overlap with what @cderv posted above).

Thank you, I'll look into it.

Hello cderv,

I tried using profvis to profile the shiny app using the code under:

+   runApp('C:/Documents/NOJAH updating/trial', display.mode = "normal")
+ })

But it gives the error that pandoc.exe is out of memory.

I tried to look up for solutions to this issue but unfortunately there is no resolution.