Shinyest for a dynamically created UI


I am trying to incorporate shinytest into my shinyapp and I am able to record a test with recordTest() but the moment I try to run testApp() I run into the following error:

Running mytest.R Error in session_makeRequest(self, private, endpoint, data, params, headers) : 
  Can't find variable: $escape

I am not sure exactly what this relates to. I have a suspiscion that a portion of my shiny application renders the UI dynamically and that is causing the problem (depending on a selection that you make certain UI pieces won't event get created in the application). Am I correct in saying this relates to the limitations section described here: Testing in depth • shinytest ? Any other help or tips?

Any help on this? I would really like to know how to address this error.

I believe your odds of receiving help would improve with a reprex.