Shinyhelper package with .RMD & runtime::shiny

Does anyone have any experience with getting the shinyhelper library to run properly within an RMD with runtime::shiny?

As I understand it within runtime I can put ui and server elements anywhere.

I get the icons to appear, but no functionality. Please see below for sample code:

observe_helpers(session = shiny::getDefaultReactiveDomain(), withMathJax = FALSE)

selectInput("OrgSelect", "Select Organization(s)",
                   choices = unique(df_joined$organization), multiple = TRUE) %>%
  helper(type = "inline",
         title = "TEST",
          content = c("This is a <b>test</b>.",
        "This is on a new line."))

I am using using helper type = inline, so I should not need a separate set of .rmd helper files.

Appreciate any help you can provide!

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