shinymanager package seems to alter how a Shiny app process runs on Ubuntu

The shinymanager package seems a very helpful resource to facilitate authentication and manage users.

Running on Ubuntu, one thing that I am noticing in testing is that including shinymanager in a Shiny application affects how I terminate the app. That is, without shinymanager, I always stop a Shiny app with Ctrl+c but this does not work when a Shiny app is running with shinymanager (i.e., Ctrl+c does not stop the Shiny app (or have any effect)). When shinymanager is included, I find that I need to first put the Shiny app to sleep with Ctrl+z then explicitly stop that specific job with kill. Not only is this odd behaviour with Shiny, but I have been using Ubuntu for a long time and this is the first that I have encountered an application that I could not stop with Ctrl-c. To be sure, the extra steps of sleep + kill required to stop a Shiny app with shinymanager running are not particularly burdensome but I wonder if this has any effect on system resources or if I have somehow set up shinymanager incorrectly. I am considering adding shinymanager to numerous Shiny apps that I run in production but would like to understand this issue better before doing so.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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