shinyTravel - 2020 Shiny Contest Submission


Authors: David Ruvolo
Working with Shiny more than 1 year

Abstract: My submission is an app that provides travel recommendations for European cities based on your preference for breweries, museums, and cafes with specialty coffee.

Full Description: I am originally from the USA but have lived abroad the last few years. I am currently living in Europe and have been fortunate to travel frequently. Before I visit a new city, I like to make a list of museums, specialty coffee roasters and cafes, and breweries. This allows me to make detailed travel itineraries so I can make the most out of my trip. However, this can be very time-consuming. I wanted an app where I could look at all potential destinations at once and view them on a map. I searched for other apps and projects but didn't find anything that suited my needs. So, like any other data scientist or web developer would do, I decided to create my own app: shinyTravel.

The shinyTravel app is a data-driven shiny app that provides European travel recommendations based on users' preference for visting breweries, museums, and cafes with specialty coffee. Users rate how important it is to visit these locations while traveling using a scale of Not at all important to Essential. Based on how the user rates each location type, they will receive a list of three recommended European cities. Users can limit the search to specific countries and can exclude the larger cities from the results. They can also explore all locations using an interactive map and view summarized data tables.

The shinyTravel app demonstrates how to design and develop a shiny application from scratch (i.e., shiny beyond bootstrap). This app also acts as an example of how to integrate frontend development tools into shiny to optimize apps for browsers and devices.

Category: Other
Keywords: d3, mapbox, npm, parcel, sass, babel
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I wrote a bit more about the app on my site.


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