Show Json graphs in Rmarkdown

Hi! I am quite new to R markdown, so please excuse if my problem (as I hope) has an obvious easy solution. I am writing a project report with Rmarkdown, and want to insert in it let's say two graphs that are encoded, together, in a unique .json file. I have no idea where to start from, since I want to avoid having to read in single lines with values and headers...

Any help would be very much appreciated!

I'm not sure if you can do something like this directly.
Where do those json's are coming from?

Hi, thank you for your answer!
They come from a nextflow pipeline, specifically they are generated by multiqc ( They incorporate them in a nice .html report (where I can manually download the graphs from), but I wanted to automatize the output of my own report, which also includes some other graphs, as much as possible. Another idea could also be to retrieve them automatically from the .html file, but I saw this as more difficult and also do not know how to approach it.
I am not limited to Rmarkdown, I could also write the code I need in R.

It looks like it's a python package, so you can try using reticulate package - It allows you to use python code directly in R.

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