side by side valueboxes in flexdashboard

Can sidebar valueboxes be arranged in columns?
E.g., below is a reprex. I'd like these to be arranged side by side in a single row (so i can put a different target below it)
(sorry i can't get the entire thing to display as code)

title: "Halp!"
output: flexdashboard::flex_dashboard

Inputs {data-width=150 .bg-secondary}

### Total applications submitted 

```{r tot_submitted}
valueBox(10, icon = "fa-pencil")
### Percent of target

```{r approved}
gauge(30, min = 0, max = 50, gaugeSectors(
  success = c(41, 50), warning = c(21, 40), danger = c(0, 20)

### More plots go here

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