Signal processing, how to patch over a drop in data signal

Hello there,
could anybody please help me solve my problem I encountered?
I have a recording of a signal with some well defined drops.

I would like to bridge these drops using a simple line anchored at the manually selected endpoints as shown below.

bridge point 1

Example data: exampleData

My idea of solution:

I go through the acquisition files, manually collect the start and end points coordinates for each acquisition, save as .csv file

Script which calculates line segments connecting these endpoints.

Script replaces the dip in the original data with the line segment.

What I dont know:

How to make a function which based on start ( X1, Y1)and end point (X2, Y2) coordinates generates X2-X1 rows with values from Y1 to Y2.

Thank you very much for help and suggestions


I have some 50 files to go through.
There can be more dips in the signal in given acquisition file.

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