Simmer Package - Custom Delays?


I wondered if it would be possible to add custom delays to the trajectory.
Currently I have a static delay time of 5 minutes, but I would like to add in a vector of numbers to refine the simulation further.

For example, the first would experience a delay of 1 minute, the following would experience a delay of 2 minutes etc etc..

Is this possible?

Environment <- simmer("Model")

Vehicle <- trajectory("Vehicles") %>%
  ## add an intake activity 
  seize("Lane", 1) %>%
  timeout(5) %>%
  release("Lane", 1)

##add resources
Environment %>%
  add_resource("Lane", capacity = 2) %>%
  add_generator("", Vehicle, at(1,2,3,4))

Environment %>% 
  run(until = 50)

Many thanks for all your help/suggestions

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