single stage cluster sample

I'm working on a single-stage cluster sample of size 1,000.
"V1" is the name of the clustering variable generated by R, as my data doesn't have a header.
how can I fix the error for:

c <- cluster(test, clustername=c("V1"), size = 1000, method = "srswor")

Error in cluster(test, clustername = c("V1"), size = 1000, method = "srswor") :
unused arguments (clustername = c("V1"), size = 1000, method = "srswor")

These arguments should work if you are indeed calling the cluster() function in the {sampling} package. Depending on the order you load your libraries, it's possible you are accidentally calling the wrong function, try with:

c <- sampling::cluster(test, clustername=c("V1"), size = 1000, method = "srswor")

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