site_dir spec not working ? (new to shiny)

Hi there,

I have a R Shiny application app.R, written by someone else but everything's fine, it just uses an excel file and a www folder for some icons, it just works with the app_dir directive.

Now, I want to add another app in a subfolder named "test", again an app.R file.

First strange behaviour, R Shiny creates at startup an empty "app" folder. Why ?
Ok, let's then place my main app inside it, it works.

Now, when I call https://myshinydomain/test I just get a "Not Found" message, with the test folder placed inside the app folder or at the shiny server root.

Am I missing something ? I can't see any error message to help, and the documentation doesn't give any clue...

Thanks !

Can you clarify your setup? Is it your own server that you control and that runs Shiny Server? Or a hosting? Or another hosting?

If it's a ShinyServer, is there a system administrator, or are you in charge? Do you have details about the scheduler used, potential web servers etc? Can you share (an anonymized version of) the configuration file?