slow rendering of gganmiate in rmd?

I am trying to create a .rmd => .html file containing an animation.
Executing only the chunk containing gganimate takes a bit more than 20 seconds for the animation to appear in the viewer window.
When I try to knit the file to a html document, the rendering process is still pending after 10 minutes.
This happens when I use the very basic code provided by

Is this expected behavior? I am running the rmd in a clean RStudio session. Many thanks!

title: "R Notebook"
    df_print: paged


ggplot(iris, aes(x = Petal.Width, y = Petal.Length)) +
  geom_point(aes(colour = Species)) +
                    transition_length = 2,
                    state_length = 1)


FWIW it works for me and take the same time in chunk or while rendering. Something may come from your rendering environment. You may try on RStudio Cloud to see if you can reproduce there.

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