Smooth Transition Auto regressive Models (STAR code)

Hello, I find the twinkle package but I have an error that tells me this package is not available in R 3.61? could you please help me

twinkle is not available on CRAN only in bitbucket, you have to install it from there.

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Thank you for your reply, I got another error as below:
Error in parse_repo_spec(repo) : **
** Invalid git repo specification: 'twinkle'

Sorry, I copied the command from old package documentation, the command has to be used this way now

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Thank you so much, I really appreciate for your answer,
I am a beginner, kindly provide step-wise details if possible. I got another error as below:
Error: Failed to install 'unknown package' from Bitbucket:
** cannot open URL ''**

Sorry but I can't reproduce your issue, that single command installs twinkle without a problem in RStudio Cloud, I supose you are having connectivity issues, Is your internet connection behind a firewall or proxy server?, that is usually the case when you are at school or work.

I use both with proxy and without proxy, I don't know what should I do. Any way thank you for your help. I will try again.

If your internet connection is behind a proxy server, you could configure your proxy settings with httr before using install_bitbucket()

  use_proxy(url="your.proxy.ip", port="port", username="user",password="password")

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