Someone please help me to calculate the edge betweenness

Hello. I'm trying to calculate edge betweenness. I am confused among three functions(edge.betweenness,, edge.betweenness.estimate), but think using the first one is the best.

So I searched some example, but most of them were about "", or just created the simple data by code.
The form of data I wanna input is following :

link ID / from node ID / to node ID / variable1/...

Actually this is the road network shp file, whose all of features can be floated and mapped on GIS program automatically. But in R, I think it cannot make graph map required as variable, because there's no coordinate.

What I wanna do is calculating centrality by each link(road) ID, and therefore creating betweenness figures by each link ID is the desirable output.

So what should I do to make "graph" when I use "edge.betweenness" function?
* code : edge_betweenness(graph, e = E(graph), directed = TRUE, weights = NULL, cutoff = -1)

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