Source for RStudio Server 1.4 Preview

Hey there,

I'm looking to build RStudio Server Preview of 1.4 onto a Raspberry Pi and I can't, for the life of me, work out how I can get a tarball of the source. Can anyone help?

You can get it here using github's tarball feature:

$ wget

Note that the tip of master is not considered stable right now (we produce specific release tags you can download once we've made a stable build).

Hi Jonathan. Thanks a lot. And would that be for the equivalent of the 1.4 Preview version that can be downloaded as an installer here: RStudio Preview - RStudio

No, that link is for the very latest code. If you want the code for a specific version, you can look up its commit hash (in Help -> About) and then replace master in the URL above with that hash. e.g, if the hash was f0567122:
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