Source payne unresponsive after any error in console


I am using R Studio 1.2.5019 on osX 10.14.6 (Mojave) with R 3.6.1. I regularly encounter a problem where code will not run in a chunk, either by using the keyboard shortcut (cmd + return) or pressing the green arrow to run the chunk. In either case, no code is run. Single lines, selections, or whole chunks are unresponsive. The console will respond so I have to resort to copying and pasting code from the notebook to the console. The only solution is to restart R studio, which is very frustrating. This happens only after I encounter an error while working. It doesn't matter what kind of error (a misspelling, index, or syntax error, for example).

I should also note that when running a whole chuck at once, the green progress bar hangs, does not clear.

Any ideas would be welcome.


Have you tried with the latest preview version?

I tried the latest preview build and it does not resolve the issue.

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