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I am receiving the error:
Error: package ‘sp’ required by ‘INLA’ could not be found
I can't install sp package properly

Well, there's an immediate answer, which is that INLA isn't on CRAN, so you have to install it thusly

install.packages("INLA", repos=c(getOption("repos"), INLA="https://inla.r-inla-download.org/R/stable"), dep=TRUE)

But that shouldn't prevent you from


first, since sp relies on some related packages to INLA but not that package itself.

But BIG caveat. If you are just getting started with geospatial analysis, sp is on its way out. It's own creators and maintainers are replacing it with sf, which is much easier to work with. Unless you have a compelling need for sp, I'd suggest starting off with sf.


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