Sparklyr + dplyr error - object not found!

Hello I am just getting started using Sparklyr and I am getting an error when trying to use dplyr to wrangle some data. I'm sure its something stupid I am overlooking but I have searched in multiple areas for an answer and I don't see anyone else getting this error :confused:


sc <- spark_connect(master = "local")

spark_read_csv(sc, "df2_tbl", 

 spark_read_csv(sc, "df_n2_tbl", 

I see the objects "df2_tbl" and "df2_n2_tbl" in the "Connections" tab next to "Environment" and "History" as well as on the Spark UI, but when I run the following

match_cat <- df_n2_tbl %>% 
         filter(var1 %in% df2_tbl) %>% 

I get the error -

"Error in eval(lhs, parent, parent) : object 'df_n2_tbl' not found"


You'll need to assign the results of the spark_read_csv()s to something, e.g. df2_tbl <- spark_read_csv(sc, "df2_tbl", "C:/Users/...csv").

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Oops never mind I was getting another error. Thanks!

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