Split screen code + console with data view on second screen

Does anyone else use RStudio with the the code editor on one half of the screen and the console/terminal/background jobs on the other half, with the data view (output of View()) on a second external monitor? (like the screenshot below)

This is my preferred way of using RStudio as it means I can see more code, more results, and more data without having to scroll as much or feel as if i'm looking through a peephole to my code/data.

I've noticed that 1) a lot of people do not know this is possible with RStudio, and 2) that setting it up/getting it to run smoothly is finicky. E.g. when starting a session you have to drag the code tab into empty space and let it re-load (which takes a bit), and every time you View() new data it doesn't open as a new tab of the existing data display on the second monitor so it has to load twice. When it comes to graphics it doesn't matter that much for me as my normal workflow is displaying everything in-line in my .Rmd files, but if you're running graphics code from the console it would be great just to get a window to pop up and sit on top of code/console which I can scroll through history of / x-out as needed.

I appreciate this might be a niche request but I genuinely think this feature would be used a lot more if some relatively small improvements were made and more people knew it was an option.

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