Split single large plot into multiple smaller plots with better resolution in ggplot

I've got data on survival/sampling dates of over 500 dogs, each dog having been sampled at least once, and several having been sampled three or four times. For e.g.

Microchip_number Date Sampling_occasion
White notched fatso 20,11,2018 First
White notched fatso 28,12,2018 Second
White notched fatso 09,04,2019 Third
White notched fatso 23,10,2019 Fourth
Tuttu Jeevan 06,12,2018 First
Tuttu Jeevan 03,01,2019 Second
Tuttu Jeevan 04,05,2019 Third
Tuppy 22,10,2018 First
Tuppy 20,11,2018 Second
Tuppy 17,04,2019 Third
Tuppy 31,07,2019 Lost to study

I've managed to plot this in ggplot, but it's a very large image which requires zooming in and scrolling to view the sampling times of each individual dog.
Is there a package or code that makes it possible to split this large plot into multiple smaller plots that don't need to be zoomed in to view all the details clearly, such as below (without having to separately plot subsets of the dataframe)?


This is the code I'm using

outcomes <- read_xlsx("Dog outcomes.xlsx", col_types = c("text", "date", "text"))

outcomes$Microchip_number<- as.factor(outcomes$Microchip_number)
outcomes$Sampling_occasion<- factor(outcomes$Sampling_occasion,
levels = c("First", "Second", "Third", "Fourth", "Lost to study", "Died"))

g<- ggplot(outcomes)

g + geom_point(aes(x = Date, y = Microchip_number, colour = Sampling_occasion, shape = Sampling_occasion)) +
geom_line(aes(x = Date, y = Microchip_number, group = Microchip_number, colour = Sampling_occasion)) +

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