Splitting sample into test-train for gradient boosting

Hi everyone:

I am running a gradient boosted tree with a 50-50 split between training and testing sample. I am using panel data; 5-6 observations per year. I want to split the data into train-test samples in such a way that for a given year, all the observations are either in the testing set or in the training set. Basically, I want to split the sample by year so that in the testing sample I don't lose any observations for a given year. Can anybody help? Thanks!

I assume you know the years and the number of observations per year is pretty close to the same each year.

df <- data.frame(
s <- sample(df$year, size = 2, replace = FALSE)
train <- df[df$year %in% s,]
test <- df[!(df$year %in% s),]

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