square root data transformation


is there a code one can use to transform several variables in R. I want to use square root transformation to transform more than 1 varible in r , i only know how i can transform single variable. code used for 1 variable is :
ArsnGP<- asin (sqrt(Stem$GP/100))

my question is if have more than 1 variable in data that has to be transformed,is there a code can use which will transform all variables at once than doing it individually?


Hi @pfarelo,
If you use the tidyverse packages, you might want to check out the documentation for the function across, which lets you apply a single function across multiple columns.

Your code might look something like:

transformedData <- oldData %>%
    mutate(across(c(GP, anotherColumn, yetAnotherColumn, 
                  function(x) asin(sqrt(x/100))

I hope that helps!

Thanks a lot ,

all methods works perfectly .appreciate

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