SSL Connect Error on Accessing Data Online (RSTUDIO)

Hello, I am new to RStudio and I seem to have a problem accesing data online, it says "SSL Connection Error", I tried finding fixes to this problem, but I can't seem to find the solutions.

Here is the Error:


uhm sorry I don't speak I am guessing chinese? I am also sorry if I am wrong on guessing the language you are using, but I guess it works for you right?, it does not work for me unfortunately, It says that I have an SSL Connect Error.



this is what happens when I try to type in the same code you typed in cmd, I also guessed it might have been a problem with my pc after all and maybe I'll just try to code in a different device, thanks for helping me

抱歉,我只使用谷歌翻译,当我尝试输入与您在 cmd 中输入的相同代码时会发生这种情况,我也猜想这可能是我的电脑有问题,也许我会尝试编码不同的设备,谢谢你帮助我

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