SSO authentication for Shiny

I would love to deploy R Shiny apps within my company, but am getting pushback from our security team that R lacks SSO authentication. I know that overcoming such internal hurdles is the principle challenge to getting R into production at many orgs. If anyone has faced and overcome this hurdle your advice is greatly appreciated.


Hi Joe,
Great question! Our new Champions site is designed to be a resource and guide to help with overcoming those internal hurdles in adopting R in production:

Specific to your question regarding SSO, our professional products for developing and deploying Shiny apps all support authentication against LDAP or SSO.

Would love to have you join a RStudio Enterprise Community Meetup to chat with others about their experiences in putting R in production too. Here is the May calendar: RStudio Community Monthly Events Roundup - May 2022 - RStudio


Hi Joe,

One example with Azure is:

It comes directly from the Azure Team: GitHub - Azure/AzureR: Family of packages for interacting with Azure from R so it is as good as it gets :slight_smile:

As far as you have a way to perform the SSO itself, e.g.: acquiring tokens, the approach they provide can be generalized. But, of course, acquiring the token is the tricky part :slight_smile:


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