standardized simple slopes

Hello everyone:)

I´m looking for a way to calculate standardized simple slopes in r. And would be very very grateful for any information.

(Specifically I tested a model with 3 main predictors and their 3 2-way interactions. One 2-way interaction was significant. Now I want to calculate the simple slopes for this interaction while controlling for the main predictors. Most important in my case is the calculation of the standardized simple slopes.)
Any ideas on possible r-packages and maybe a code how to use them in my case would be much appreciated.
Please feel free to ask if you need any precise information about my calculations to help me.


Hi Could you please share a sample dataset and identify the variables and interactions that you have mentioned

There is a solution in the YouTube video, please search for "Another Method to Creating and Editing Interaction Plots in R Studio by Jon B Stats and Psych"

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