Starting out _ Object wasn't defined?

Hey guys. I'm just starting out with R.
I'm trying to do something as simple as creating an object and then calling it in a function, but R tells me that the object hasn't been created. This is the code:
re_df<- read.csv (file="../data/week2.csv", header=TRUE)
levels(rt_df$condition) <- factor (c("Control","Experimental"))

and this is the console answer to it:

re_df<- read.csv (file="../data/week2.csv", header=TRUE);
levels(rt_df$condition) <- factor (c("Control","Experimental"));
Error in levels(rt_df$condition) <- factor(c("Control", "Experimental")) :
object 'rt_df' not found

It's probably a silly question but since I am just starting out there will probably more of those, might as well embrace it!

Thank you in advance!

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