Stat_summary in ggplot to calculate the mean without considering the group

I have the following code to generate the plot of the Figure 1 A :
ggplot2(GroupedZScoreFatigue, aes (x = factor(Moment, levels = c("MD-4", "MD-3", "MD-2", "MD-1", "MD", "MD+1", "MD+2")), y = Mean, group = Athlete))+
geom_line(size= 0.2)+
geom_point(size = 2)+
ylab("Fatigue (x̄±σ)")+
ggtitle("Individual Z-Score Variations - Fatigue")+
theme_classic(base_size = 12)+
theme (legend.position = "None", plot.title = element_text(hjust = 0.5))+

I want to add a new line to the plot based on the mean of Mean (variable in y axis) for each Moment (variable in x axis), however when i add stat_summary(fun.y=mean, colour="blue", geom="line", size= 0.2) to the code it calculate the mean for each Athlete (variable in group), as shown in Figure 1B. Data may be downloaded here: GroupedZScoreFatigue.xlsx

How to solve it? Thank you!

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