state of R as a programming language in modern ML

Is R an appropriate choice when it comes to developing modern machine learning products? Are there sources of inspiration in often used Apps (e.g.)? When I see the estimated time of arrival in Uber, I can say for sure that this prediction was not modelled in R. Counterexamples?
How does R (plus RStudio) fit into modern end-to-end machine learning environments?

Are there any ongoing debattes where i can read about that? Or any other sources that take up this topic?

Apart from that, i dont know if this is the right place for my question.

I can offer a semi-informed opinion. R has excellent machine learning functionality that makes it a great development tool. It can be scaled (see RStudio's commercial services .

However, translating R's functional programming into compiled language isn't trivial. Python, as a procedural/imperative language maps more easily into C++, for example.

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