Step by step instructions on Load balancing RStudio Server Pro



Besides this link
Is there any other place where I can find step by step instructions on how to configure load balancing for two or more RStudio Servers Pro?

In the URL above it is asking to use locktester utility: /usr/lib/rstudio-server/bin/locktester
which I can't find under the bin directory.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hi Ankit,

Thanks for your note here! I've reached out by email to set up a call with a solution's engineer for us to discuss this live early next week. How does that sound?



Sounds good Lauren.


Ankit Africawala


Just as a stop-gap until the call, I wanted to highlight that if you are missing /usr/lib/rstudio-server/bin/locktester, you may have the open source version of RStudio Server installed.

It is important to have the Professional version. You can see which is installed by executing:

sudo rstudio-server version

You should see "(Professional)" in the output of that command.


Hi Cole,

Here is the output (on both the servers).

sudo rstudio-server version



Ankit Africawala


Yes, this means that you have downloaded the open source version. In order for load balancing to work, you need to download RStudio Server Pro (the Professional version). There is a 45-day free evaluation period, and the documentation you pointed at is the best documentation that we have at present on load balancing.

If you have a chance to give things a shot prior to the call, please follow the directions at that link and keep tabs on any questions you have for us or share them here!

From a high level perspective, you will set up the appropriate file shares across servers and then configure the servers to know about one another. They will then take care of load balancing traffic using your configured load balancing scheme. You just need to route all traffic to a single node and let RStudio do the rest!

To download the professional version: