Straightforward way to see which packages my Shiny app is using?

I have a very long app.R file that has been worked on for months, changing out multiple libraries.

Is there some relatively straightforward way to see which ones are still being used, and which ones are getting loaded but are not at all used?

I'm very curious to see if someone has an automated way to do this. But is commenting out library() calls, re-running, and seeing if it breaks straightforward enough?

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Thanks @EeethB ,

That's what I'm curious to know too. I fiddled around a little with commenting out each library, but I have quite a few loaded, and quite a few mask the functions of other libraries. It wasn't really productive, so I'm kind of hoping to see if I get get a clearer picture of "libraries x,y and z are being loaded but no functions within them are being used"

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This thread seems to have some more info. I haven't checked out {NCmisc}, but it sounds like it might do what you need.

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