Strange error with bake function in recipes

Hello Team,

Running into a strange or rare error, when trying to run bake function on new data with a trained recipe object.

The recipe is prepared in R v3.4.2 and 0.1.1 of recipes (say Env-1) by someone else in my org., but the prepared recipe object is saved as a list object which was made available to access for use and is accessed as " list1$list2$ ". I am trying to reproduce an error caused by running a statement like : ( on my local machine with R v3.6.2 with 0.1.13 recipes version (say Env-2) )

out_data <- bake(list1$list2$ , new_data = newdata[1, ] ) gave below error

Error in vapply(object$steps, function(x) x$skip, logical(1)) :
values must be length 1, but FUN(X[[1]]) result is length 0

The original error when running the same above piece of code on Env-1 gave - ERROR : ## arguments imply differing number of rows: x, y ## data.frame...FALSE.

(All the steps leading to this error causing statement are correct and are working appropriately in both environments)

Kindly help on below please :

  1. The reason I see a strange error like this in my local machine or Env-2 (is it only because of version change - but I am using an updated recipes version? ) and what that error could mean - could not get proper help googling!
  2. The difference in error messages while running the same piece of code in different environments (Env-1 & Env-2)

A reproducible example will be best but knowing the details is the only way to help.

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