Strange packages message appears when trying to open a new R Markdown file

I recently had to clear my hard drive on my macbook pro, and had to re-download R and R Studio (eggshell igloo). I installed the rmarkdown package. When I try to open a new rmarkdown document, I get this message:

"Creating R Markdown documents requires updated version of the following packages: caTools, bitops, rprojroot. Do you want to install these packages now?"

No one else I know using R has gotten this message. I cannot find any evidence that these packages are related to r markdown, and am hesitant to update them especially since I just had a virus on my computer. Has anyone else using eggshell igloo gotten this? Any recommendations?

*the IT department at my school recommended I just delete and re-download R and R Studio, but thought I'd ask here first!

This is normal behavior for a fresh install of rstudio, and BTW, eggshell igloo, is the name for the R version 3.5.2 not the rstudio version.

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