Strange typing?

I was typing code into studio R script and somewhat my typing turned into the picture below.
Maybe I typed wrong short cut keys. Does anyone know what this thing is?


Thank you!!

Is that in the code editor? Console? Where is the screenshot in?

It might be half-width vs. full-width with non-English keyboard, commonly East Asian languages. Going to need more details on the setup of your system to know more.

It is written in R script file. Well, I really don't know what more information I have to give.
When I turn off and on my R studio, it works alright but it just happens during the middle of typing for no reason. That's why I thought it happened due to short cut key that changes the configuration setting of keyboard or whatever it is.

Thanks for replyh

Are you using Windows? Linux? Mac?
What languages or locales?

One example is on Windows; it's possible that alt + shift is changing your keyboard language/layout.

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