Stringr-rank 'um


Curious to know; If you were to rank your top (2) stringr tools, your "go to the most" tools, which would they be?


By tools do you mean functions, or, like, add-on tools?
If functions, I think probably str_detect() for various text-processing workflows (important ones wherein I have to recognize character names in screenplays, say :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), and str_trim() because ugh whitespace!

If "tools" probably Garrick Aden-Buie's RegExplain, which , granted, hasn't existed for all that long, but is amazingly helpful for (you guessed it) RegExps!


Sorry Mara, I should have been moe explicit. I meant to say"functions"


Top used from my side is probably str_replace_all().

Offen used and super helpful is str_view_all().


I use str_detect() the most, as it is super handy in conjunction with dplyr::filter(). My second most used function would probably be str_replace().