Strobe - 2020 Shiny Contest Submission


Authors: Benjamin Gowan
Working with Shiny <1 year

Abstract: A shiny app for easily customized spaced repetition flash card learning.

Full Description: Strobe is an idea for a simple and easily customizable spaced-repetition flash-card ShinyApp (get it!? :))

Elements that I want to build in over the next month:

  • ShinydashboardPlus flip cards
  • Choice of time frame to compress repetition for particular deadlines
  • Link to googlesheets for new or existing study cards
  • Or work off of upload/download files
  • Bonus features I could explore:
    • other persistent storage option for those who want to spin up on their own.
    • flash card API to pull from?
    • prepopulated count presidents list for vignette, perhaps with link to wikipedia
    • various cutomization of the spaced-repetition approach.

Might look at some research links as well for fun:

Category: Education
Keywords: spaced repetition, flash cards, study tool,
Shiny app: TBD
RStudio Cloud: TBD


Full image:

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