Students don't see updated project

I created a project and changed the access to everyone in my workspace. My students all were able to see it and have their own copies generated. But when I added new files, they didn't see them and can't see them in my project. How do I update the project so they get the updates? Thanks!

Hi @joannawares,

Copies of projects act like snapshots of the parent project at the point in time when the copy was made. Any changes you make to the parent will only be applied to future copies (this is true for Assignments, also).

Depending on what you're trying to do, you might be able to have your students create new copies, or get the updated files to them another way. Can you describe a little more about how you want your students to use these projects?


Thanks, Mel! My co-worker taught me a workaround so that new files can be pulled from github using an r script into the existing projects so they don't have to have multiple. Thanks again for your reply!

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