subscript out of bounds in labeled DCE

I am new to R, and I am currently utilizing one for my project which require the use of labeled DCE. However I kept getting the message Error in ced[[i]] : subscript out of bounds every time I try to load the data matrix.

Does anyone know how to fix it?
This is the code: library(support.CEs)

d.menstrual <-
attribute.names = list(
Price = c("1","2","3"), Price2 = c("2","3","4"), Price3 = c("10","11","12")),
nalternatives = 1,
nblocks = 1,
row.renames = FALSE,
seed = 987)

questionnaire( = d.menstrual)

dm.menstrual <- = d.menstrual,
optout = TRUE,
continuous.attributes = c("Price","Price2", "Price3"),
unlabeled = FALSE)

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