Sudden Keyboard input lag


Since a couple weeks I have a noticable input lag between keyboard presses and characters appearing in Rstudio. Which - makes it a pain to use. I don't have any such lag in any other application / program - not here in this browser window, either.

I've spent some time over the last couple days searching for solutions / that issue but nothing really matches. It used to be a problem in a previous version several years ago; someone had the problem when connected to their companies LAN network; neither are the causes here. I haven't added any packages; am with the same current version of RStudio the whole time - the lag just simply appeared. And I am not sure why.

Even with a new file, none others open, all environments cleared and Rstudio not even remotely taxing processor or ram. I am on an 4k display - which might be part of the reason / why the render engine might struggle (from a thread a couple years back) - but then ... it didn't use to be a problem.

Any ideas how to whittle down causes?

All the best,

Writing things down sometimes helps with conclusions. Forced the rendering engine to Desktop Open GL rather than Automatic in the advanced options - and that seems to have fixed it.

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