Suggestion for streamlining the Git tab

The Git tab is something I use all the time but I think it would be a real quality of life improvement for its buttons to be customizable and/or pared down by default.

The "Diff" and "Commit" buttons appear to be completely interchangeable and the clock button for History is also a tab on the window opened by Diff/Commit (and vice versa).

I'd love the option to be able to turn off some of these buttons to be able to make this tab narrower without hiding the branch toggle dropdown or refresh tab buttons (which I actually use a fair amount and want to access without needing to resize my rstudio dimensions repetitively). Moving unwanted buttons into the Settings gear dropdown would be totally fine as well as that gets to my 'less top-level buttons' wish.

Not sure if this is really the place for this because it's not a code problem per se but figured I'd put my two cents in case others feel similarly!

It's OK to post this sort of thing here but you would get more attention from the developers by formally filing a feature request on the GitHub repository

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Will do, thanks for the pointer! (I wasn't sure if the issues there were primarily for actual problems versus GUI changes)

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