Suggestions/ basic commands for begginers

I'm looking to start learning R to manipulate fasta files. Unfortunately, I have zero experience in any other programming language, but I have some in Linux commands instead. Does anyone know any website/book that can help me to start learning? Initially, I would like to start practicing on how to open/edit/save fasta files and afterward to going deeper in R programming.

Hi @KGee and welcome to Rstudio community,

I never use fasta files before but there this package, I think, can help u to use fasta files: seqinR.

The doc about this package:

specifically for fasta files :

If u want to go deeper in R programming, I advice u to read this book:

Hope it help,

thank you very much for the prompt response!!!.

Happy to know. Can u well mark the solution like say here:

Have fun with R :grin:, it's a great language.

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