Summing values within a vector

Good afternoon. I have a vector 'a' containing the following values:
0 Nan 3.00 2.00 -7.00 9.00 Inf 54.00 ... NaN 6.00 Inf

How can I sum inly numeric values wthin this vector?
I tried sum(a,na.rm=TRUE) but it didn't help me.

v <- c(0, NaN, 3.00, 2.00, -7.00, 9.00, Inf, 54.00, NaN, 6.00, Inf)

sum(v[which(!is.infinite(v))], na.rm = TRUE)

sum(v[which(is.finite(v))], na.rm = TRUE)

lol, this kills me every time I see it! You can just subset with the logical vector returned by is.finite()! :laughing: My students do this all the time, which() this and which() that... I understand why they do it, it makes much more sense as you read the code aloud, it's just so unnecessary!

But, yes, this is the correct way to solve this. If you wanted something a little more compact though, I rather quite like this little hack of the language,

x <- c(sample(4), NA, Inf, 0)
sum(x^2/x, na.rm = TRUE)
#> [1] 10

Alternately you could do,

sum(x - x + x, na.rm = TRUE)
#> [1] 10

You should not do this though, you should use @nirgrahamuk's solution, it's correct.
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Happy to amuse, and quite right too. :smiley:
side effect of 'familiarity bias' where your mind reaches for the familiar before the most elegant...

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