Support for Google Slides in Quarto?

What is the likelihood that Quarto will ever support Google Slides as an output format? I’ve worked with various RMarkdown-based approaches in the past for presentation development—both for a straight-up HTML-based output through xaringan, as well as a couple of different pre-Quarto options for publishing to PPT, but, for a number of scenarios, my ideal would be able to publish directly to Google Slides, as that the format that many of my colleagues and clients work in natively.

Having periodically done Google searches on the subject and coming up pretty empty, I’m not sure if my need is just super niche (which seems unlikely in this case), or if there is simply something about the nature of Google Slides being fundamentally web-based rather than file-based that makes it a practical impossibility as an output format. (One obvious workaround is to output to PPT and then import the PPT to Slides—something that even, potentially, could be streamlined using the API for Google Slides, but that feels a little more hacky than I’d like it to be.)

Any thoughts on the topic would be greatly appreciated!

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There is an open feature request about that if you want to comment there

Oh. Thanks! I added a comment there!

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