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Anyone have any experience with survey design? I'm attempting to comprehend each variable.
Could someone please explain what id means in the survey design? Is it the same primary sampling unit?
Thank you, Zafar.

I think we need some details about the survey. This may help you to give us some information We need a reproducible example (reprex)

Traditionally ID stands for Identification number for a survey respondent.

Yes, ids is the PSU variable if you are using the survey or srvyr packages. Check out these slides for some more help, possibly. tidy-survey-short-course/Slides-day-3.pdf at main · tidy-survey-r/tidy-survey-short-course · GitHub

ID specifies PSU identifier.
Read carefully the documentation for the survey data you want to use, they would specify the svydesign formula for you ( or twophase() if the survey is using two phase case-control design). For more information regarding how to approach data analysis with survey data:
1)26 Survey analysis | The Epidemiologist R Handbook
2)dplyr-Like Syntax for Summary Statistics of Survey Data • srvyr
4)Survey Data Analysis with R
Also, if you want to focus on a specific subgroup within the survey please, make sure to use subset function e.g

design <- 
        id = ~ seqnumhh , 
        strata = ~ stratum , 
        weights = ~ provwt_d , 
        data = subset( nis_df , provwt_d > 0 ) 

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