survfit formula

Hi, everyone!
After update R to 3.5.3 and all packages in R studio
survfit formula doesn't work for me anymore.

fit <- survfit(Surv(time, status) ~ x, data = aml)
Error in survfitKM(X, newY, casewt, stype = stype, ctype = ctype, id = id,  : 
  object 'Csurvfitkm' not found

In any examples what I have tried.
Thank you.

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling survival package? I have installed on rstudio cloud and I cant reproduce your issue.

Also, this question is cross-posted on SO

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Sorry for cross-post. ( I didnt think that people can use/see also other forums - sorry again, common sense is not common:slightly_smiling_face:)
About my problem: Yes it help for me to unistall, but not only package, also all R and manualy folders(old versions too) and prefernse of user, also I reinstal R studio.

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