Switch from RStudio Server Pro to RStudio Open Source.

Hello Everyone,

I have one server with RStudio Server Pro installed now. We plan to buy a new server and switch the Pro license from the old one to the new server.

I found that the old RStudio Server Pro will die in 45 days.
However, I would like to keep the RStudio Server in the old server alive. Is it possible to switch RStudio Server Pro to Open-Source version?



Found the answer in RStudio Support link.

You'll need to uninstall the Pro version and then install using the open-source binaries.
Based on the answer from RStudio Support, downgrading shouldn't have any effect on your existing R packages or projects. However you may want to check and make sure you're not using any Pro-specific features in your environment, as those will be disabled on downgrade.

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