tabItem content not displaying dashboard body

...So I am trying to display the content from my widget into the dashboard body. The content for the first widget "Communication board" is not displaying but the second widget "Enrollment" content is displaying once I click on the widget. However, the content from the second widget remains in the dashboard body no matter which widget I select...can someone please explain to me what I'm doing wrong?


ui <- dashboardPage(
dashboardHeader(title = "CCBHC-X DashBoard",
dropdownMenu(type = "task",
badgeStatus = "success",
taskItem(value = 68, color = "red", "Outcomes Assessment"),
taskItem(value = 70, color = "blue", "IT Infrastructure"),
taskItem(value = 50, color = "aqua", "Clinical Staffing/Support")
), dropdownMenu(type = "notifications",
notificationItem(text = "Quarterly QI assessments due"))

dashboardSidebar(sidebarMenu(menuItem("Communication Board", tabName = "communication board"),
menuItem("Enrollment", tabName = "enrollment"),
menuItem("NOMS-Adults", tabName = "noms-adults"), menuItem("NOMS-Youth", tabName = "noms-youth"),
menuItem("Local Measures Adults", tabName = "local measures adults"),
menuItem("Quality Indicators", tabName = "quality indicators")
tabItem(tabName = "communication board", h2("model sample") ##first widget
##Second widget
tabItem(tabName = "enrollment", h2("enrollment data goes here"))

, skin = c("yellow"))

server <- function(input, output) {}

shinyApp(ui, server)

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