Table Summary- adding multiple footnotes

I'd like to add a footnote just to the 'suspected_malaria' variable- any tips?

table3_riskfactormanuscript_everhospitalized <-
by = ever_hospitalized, # split table by group
include = c(starts_with("symptoms"), fever, obs_appearance, low_oxygen, confirmed_malaria, suspected_malaria, history_tb, history_hiv, anyinfectious, history_diabetes, highbloodpressure, history_asthma, smoke, anychronic, bmi_cat, anemia, country.x),
digits = all_continuous()~1,
missing = "no" # don't list missing data separately
) %>%
#add_n() %>% # add column with total number of non-missing observations
add_p() %>% # test for a difference between groups
modify_header(label = "Variable") %>%
update = all_stat_cols() ~ "To update missing values/ collapse categories",
) %>%

update the column header


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